Some comments on our debut CD, Invitation

From an admirer in Michigan:

"First class musicians on every part.  They have chops to spare and amazing technique.  Intonation is really superb.

All of your soloists are quite good but several really standout:  Art Bouton on alto,  Eric Erhardt on tenor, and Paul McKee on trombone.  

Your vocalist is excellent. The arrangements are killers.  So much talent in this band!”


And a jazz publication in the midwest:

COLORADO JAZZ REPERTORY ORCHESTRA/Invitation:  From an idea to an institution in half a dozen short years, this region big band’s debut is an accomplished, high water mark kind of date that shows what happens when you corral the crème of the crop and let them play their hearts out in their own way.  A totally right on date that is in the tradition without sounding dated, they breathe new life into the oldies pulling them from various sources and quadrants.  They do more than hit the right notes in the right order and deliver the good vibes as well.  Solid stuff that auspicious debuts are made from.